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‌Marketing and Communications

‌Strategic Marketing

‌We use a comprehensive approach in developing and implementing marketing strategies and plans that are aligned with overall business goals and objectives and developed to drive results.  Through detailed analysis of your customers, the competition, and market trends, our marketing plans outlines specific tactics, channels, and resources to effectively reach and engage the target audience.

‌Marketing, Communications and Design

‌We build around a clear and consistent brand message by leveraging a data-driven, audience-focused strategy and our Design Thinking methodology. In-depth research and empathetic understanding of audience needs and perceptions inform our design and messaging to drive desired outcomes. Our goal is to create an identity that is memorable, impactful, relevant and accurately represents the brand.

‌Outreach and Engagement

‌Our proven outreach strategies on large-scale programs hinge on meticulous planning and research. Using a mix of online and offline tactics and channels, such as email campaigns, social media outreach and industry events, we proactively and continually interact with the intended audience and key influencers to create more personal and meaningful connections. Ongoing tracking and measurement, based on data and feedback allows us to adapt and continuously innovate.

‌Annual/ESG Reports and Digital Communications

‌Business & Growth

‌Organization Strategy and Impact ESG

‌We offer a range of services, including strategic planning, visioning, brainstorming, change management, and performance management, using a data-driven approach to develop customized organizational strategies that alignwith client goals and objectives.  The knowledge of our subject-matter experts in identifying organizational efficiencies combined with expertise in sustainability and ESG principles and reporting, helps organizations create long-term value while addressing social and environmental challenges.

‌Stakeholder alignment

‌Our approach to managing change is through effective stakeholder engagement and communications. We work closely with our clients, internal and external stakeholders in the planning, implementation and communication of change initiatives. We focus on fostering a culture of engagement within the organization, which leads to greater buy-in and support. We provide regular updates and opportunities for feedback, addressing any concerns in a timely manner to ensure the success of the program.

‌Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

‌Our coaching and leadership programs are designed to improve leadership, communication, and decision-making skills of leaders and managers in your organization, with a focus onmeasurable results and return on investment. Led by experienced coaches, our tailored one-on-one coaching, group sessions will help individuals achieve their full potential and make asignificant impact on the organization's performance.

‌Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

‌Training Programs

‌We empower small, disadvantaged, minority, and women business owners with skill-building resources, comprehensive and customized evidence-based training programs, mentorship, networking opportunties and ongoing support. Our goal is to help S/D/MWBEs and SDVOBs overcome unique challenges, achieve their business goals and contribute to economic growth.

‌MWDBE Certification

‌Through our partnerships with certifying agencies, we aim to boost the number of certified MWDBEs. Our assistance enables eligible firms to effortlessly navigate the certification process, meet regulatory requirements and increases the agency's capacity to process applications swiftly. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that these businesses can access set aside opportunities for underrepresented groups.

‌Supplier Diversity Development

‌Through our comprehensive and innovative approach, studies, one-on-one assessments, we work hand-in-hand with organizations to develop and deliver results-driven supplier diversity and vendor management programs that drive success for under-served businesses. We are committed to fostering a more inclusive and equitable business landscape, one success story at a time.

‌Contract Compliance & Monitoring

‌Our aim is to promote fairness, inclusivity, and meaningful engagement of local businesses in the procurement process by reviewing and monitoring contract performance on public projects on behalf of large organizations. We ensure compliance with regulations related to fulfilling D/MWBE goals and develop realistic action plans to achieve these goals.

‌Civil Rights Training

‌We provide training to management and staff within client organizations, with the goal of improving understanding, identifying and addressing biases, and promoting inclusivity and diversity across the entire organization.

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